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Dedicated care: Every member is matched with a suitable professional.

A safe space: Over 50% of members are first-time care seekers.

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4. See increased work productivity

Employees report feeling more energized, productive, and engaged after the first few sessions.

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Benefits for employees or students

A safe space: private conversations take place through a virtual meeting platform of your choice from the comfort of one’s personal device (mobile and desktop).

Fit any schedule: Start the same day as registration, exchange daily messages, schedule video sessions and monitor progress, anytime, anywhere.

Dedicated care: Every member’s central relationship is with a licensed clinician of their choice for care and coordination.

A familiar option: We’ve led stigma reduction efforts for the last decade. Over 50% of members are first-time care seekers.

Benefits for you as employer

Support for all: Employees, students and dependents (13+) can receive personal from a trained external listener to resolve the past, tackle the present or build a better future.

Reclaim time: Save hours lost to employee absenteeism, inquiry resolution, referrals and reimbursement claims processing.

Get results: Administer quickly with account advising, communications support and technical reporting to realize ROI.

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Ready to get started?

We offer comprehensive online mental health treatment options to meet all your employees or student needs.

Employee Therapy

Support and improve your employees mental health

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Group Therapy

Organize employee or student group therapy sessions

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Student therapy

Specialized counseling for students and schools.

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Professional, licensed counselors who you can trust

Our network of counselors & therapists cover a range of specialties to meet your specific needs. They are ready to listen to you so get matched today!

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Awarded Mental Health Counseling
100% online, in collaboration with

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We partner with employers, health plans, and schools to make mental healthcare & counseling more available and affordable.

Workplace Counseling

Offering a listening ear and fundamental health support to employees worldwide.

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Clinically proven counseling results

Helpingtalks vs. face-to-face therapy


found HelpingTalks to be as effective or more effective than traditional therapy.


found HelpingTalks to be more convenient than traditional therapy.

Sources: Journal of Telemedicine e-Health

Proven Work & School Benefits

Helpingtalks reduces stress & anxiety


After 12 weeks, employees reported feeling more energized, productive, and engaged.


increase in productivity, +39% work life balance & 50% less work hours missed!

Source: Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science

Online Counseling Services offers certified and licensed counselors for a variety of virtual & online counseling services, browse our categories below. We look forward to hearing from you!


Relationship Counseling

Couples Counseling

Family Counseling

Divorce Counseling

LGBTQIA+ Counseling


Domestic Abuse Counseling

Emotional Abuse Counseling

Narcissistic Abuse Therapy

Sexual Abuse Counseling


Bereavement Counseling

Grief Counseling

Grief and Loss Counseling

Pet Loss Grief Counseling

Pet Loss Grief Support


Marriage Counseling

Marital Counseling

Premarital Counseling

Pre Marriage Counseling

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety Counseling

Stress Counseling

Self Growth

Mental Health Counseling

Confidence Counseling

Self Esteem Counseling


ADHD Counseling

Borderline Personality Disorder Counseling

Chronic Illness Counseling

OCD Counseling


Trauma Counseling

PTSD Counseling

Rape Counseling


Alcohol Counseling

Alcohol & Drug Counseling

Porn Addiction Counseling

Sex Addiction Counseling

Food Addiction

Food Addiction Counseling

Eating Disorder Counseling

Drug Addiction

Drug Counseling

Substance Abuse Counseling

Kids & Teens

Counseling for Teens

Counseling for Kids

Child Counseling

Teen Counseling


Sleep Therapy


Therapy For Depression


Anger Management Counseling

School & Career

Career Counseling

School Counseling




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